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I hope you will enjoy looking at the items of my collection as much as I do. Long life the circus, its performers and its crew. Let us remember and preserve the memory of them all."


Piet-Hein Out

This collection of circus memorabilia is owned and curated by circus photographer Piet-Hein Out. He has a genuine love for the circus and circus history. Over the years Out has collected some unique circus items. Several posters from his extensive circus poster collection have been displayed in museums as well as some costumes. Via this website he wants to share the beauty and excitement of the circus with the world.

Piet-Hein Out is a circus expert who lives in Holland, Europe. Besides his photography he has done the marketing and publicity for several circuses as well as designed posters and flyers. He has directed circus shows and supplies artists for circuses. In 2015 he performed as a ringmaster in Germany, in this capacity he assisted the world famous clown legend Oleg Popov.

Items on this website are not for sale and all images are protected by copyright and may not be used by third parties.

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