An exhibition with circus poster highlights from the former Soviet countries. From the Polish Poster School the international most recognized and admired posters are the CYRK (circus) posters. The Polish posters are combined with Russian Circus posters from 1948 to 1988. Discover the modern communist design styles and admire some of the most beautiful and stylish circus posters that were ever made.

The posters can be combined with unique exclusive photographs Circus photographer Piet-Hein Out took of the National Circus building in Kiev, Ukraine and the former winter quarters "Base Cyrku" of the Polish State Circus in Julinek. The world famous Russian Clown Oleg Popov (1930 - 2016) also had a photoshoot with Piet-Hein Out at his home in Germany. By life this great clown was sort of a cultural ambassador of the Soviet Union. An image of his unique and recognizable face could welcome the visitors as they enter the exhibition.

An exhibition which will be made to fit the exhibition room. Circus photographer and collector Piet-Hein Out opens his archives. The result is a glance of circus history with photos by his hand, posters and other unique items from his personal collection. What to think of hand painted poster designs that were never used. The official guest book of the East-German State Circus Busch signed by, amongst others, the Prince of Jemen.


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