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circus noun (ENTERTAINMENT) B1 [ C or S ] a group of travelling performers including acrobats (= people skilled in difficult physical movements) or those who work with trained animals, or a performance by such people usually in a large tent.

The Cambridge English Dictionary

What good is a collection if you can’t share it with others? Since my childhood I have been collecting circus collectables. From postcards and posters to souvenir programmes. I was lucky enough to become a circus photographer and marketeer and as my passion grew bigger and bigger so did my collection.

If you have any items to offer for sale for my collection, do not hesitate to send an email to:

If you have come to just browse around, have fun!

Piet-Hein Out,
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We are still scanning and adding items to our collection. Naturally it takes time to put them all online.

We are currently working hard on adding more and more circus programmes to our site. We already put an extensive gallery of circus & variety building postcards and posters and the biggest part of our circus poster collection. Although we are adding circus posters in a different way too to make this site even more user friendly.

Be sure to regularly come back to discover more gems from our circus collection.

Togare and his Lions
Original hand-painted design
from the W.E. Berry Printers for Bertram Mill’s Circus

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