03285- VEB Zentral Zirkus Berolina | 1986

Zirkus Berolina
Year: 1986
Circus: VEB Zentral Zirkus Berolina
Size (WxH in cm): 57,5 x 78,5
Design by: Heinz Rammelt
Printed by:
Country of Usage: DDR
Country of Origin: DDR
Depicted artist(s):

Extra information:
The font of “Zirkus Berolina” on this design is different than on the print from 1981 (#01604). The design has also been used with an additional line to promote a visit to the travelling zoo / menagerie of the circus (#02646).

Poster Affiche Plakat DDR VEB Zentral Zirkus Berolina / Staatszirkus der DDR 1986

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