Original Hand Painted Circus Poster Designs

The Circus Collection of Piet-Hein Out contains several original hand painted poster designs. Before the digital age took hold of graphic design designs were hand-painted and sketched. On this page we display several unique hand painted artwork for several different circuses and by different creators.

Eugène Fauquex for the Swiss National-Circus Knie

Design by Geo Hougrand from Belgium for the Dutch Circus Mikkenie at the Belgian Royal Circus in Brussels.

Original hand painted poster artwork Cirque Royal / Cirque Mikkenie

Designs by W.E. Berry’s Circus Printers from the United Kingdom

Designs by Cuthill for Bertram Mills Circus 1937-1938 from the United Kingdom

Poster Affiche Plakat Original Hand Painted Poster Design for Bertram Mills Circus by Cuthill-1937

Designs by Kurt Koberstaedt for the VEB Zentral Zirkus
(the East-German State Circus)

Circus Althoff-Williams